Five Ways To Make Your Car Faster this Summer

June 13,2014

By: Mike Veenstra

make your car fasterYou’ve dreamed about a fast car all your life.  A car that is set apart from your basic Honda Accord or Ford Focus.  A car that will give you some power and speed.  A car that gives you an experience whenever you drive it.  When you finally realize, your budget doesn’t allow for the Aston Martin One-77 (especially with only 77 ever made), we are here to tell you that there are ways to soup up and set your car apart from others.  So don’t give up on your dream yet.  Here are five ways to make your car faster.

Many older cars contain mechanical fuel pumps which draw power directly from your engine.  This pump is stealing power that could be going to your drive wheels.  In general, older cars have more mechanical parts that take away from the engine’s horsepower.  Converting these parts to electrical will greatly increase a car’s top speed and acceleration.  Some items that can be replaced with electrical parts are spark plugs,  fans, and fuel pumps.

Fuel injection is a must in your need for speed.  In an older car with a carburetor engine, switching to fuel injection will not only improve your car’s speed, but also its gas mileage.  Multi-port injection systems are available for most American-made engines.  These systems are electrical not mechanical, thus offering greater precision.

Amping up the speed of your car is dependent on how much money you have to put into it.  A turbocharger or supercharger will give your car a huge increase in performance, but it will cost more money than some of the other adjustments.  A turbocharger is added to a gasoline engine.  These units push clean air back into the engine, and are powered by exhaust.  Superchargers are what you see sticking out of the hoods of drag racer cars.  They not only look impressive but they make a huge difference in the performance of your car.  A supercharger manually compresses air and pushes it into your engine, giving your car a massive boost of power.  The bigger the supercharger, the better your car will perform.

Although most of the adjustments we have talked about are about getting air and fuel into your engine; getting an exhaust system for your engine is an effective way than will also contribute to a faster vehicle.  Replacing your engine’s exhaust manifolds with “headers” will increase performance.  This adjustment will reduce the amount of restriction in the engine.  You can also go as far as putting in a dual exhaust system.  Most cars have one catalytic converter with two exhaust pipes coming through the back of your car.  The dual exhaust system is installed in place of the converter to help with the flow of exhaust through the engine.  This adjustment can greatly increase the noise your car makes, so check into local laws to ensure you’re not in violation.

A very simple way of improving your car’s speed and performance is to remove all unnecessary items.  Take out extra seating you do not need and spare tires.  These items add more weight than you would think and can help speed up your car.
Although you may never have the ideal hot rod you’ve dreamed of; with the right amount of money, patience, and assistance,  increased speed and performance is attainable for your car.  Whether you adjust a little at a time or all at once, there are numerous ways to soup up your ride.

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